Please take the time to fill out our online waiver form. This will save you time at the field.  



  • Max weapon power 2joules
  • Single fire only, NO full auto or burst
  • No Blindfire
  • Call your hit
  • All body, mask & gun hits count
  • No real weapons of any sort allowed on site
  • No smoke grenades
  • No Flash bangs
  • No taking off mask on field
  • NO dry fire in safety area/ players area
  • NO point blank shooting
  • 5-10 Foot surrender/bang rule
  • No shooting at cameras, lights or other fixtures - NO warning! If caught you will be asked to leave and 12 month ban
  • Respect staff, players, spectators & facility
  • Barrel blocking device is a must
  • Mags always out in safe/ players area